Talent Succession

Business Challenge

Succession planning is done on an ad hoc basis, which leads to sudden promotions or the urgent need to recruit scares skills. Business has no talent pipeline in place to ensure a consistent and appropriate talent availability based on business needs.

Business Solution

Talent succession provides the capability to manage career paths and succession planning of employees, supported by skills gap assessment and input to skills development programmes. With Piilo, a talent pipeline can be developed for individuals or groups to ensure appropriate development activities are completed. Career paths are created for employees supported by focused action plans that are review on a regular basis.

Business Benefits

  • Effective talent pipeline for key positions
  • Effective succession planning
  • Engaged and motivated employees based on clear career paths
  • Effective skills development of employees based on succession requirements
  • Readiness of employees to move into new positions
  • High ROI on development and training
  • Accurate succession placement


Piilo Talent can deliver talent succession through consulting,  managed services or software solutions. Ask about local country partners to assist your business.

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