Talent Performance

Business Challenge

Business often struggles to align employee performance with business strategies. Performance management is done ineffectively leading to low or misaligned employee delivery and unattained business goals.

Business Solution

Talent performance refers to performance management of employees, based on balanced scorecards, business strategy or operations. Performance management includes employee and manager assessments against various rating scales. Performance reviews provide outcomes for compensation and rewards. Talent performance also includes performance improvement of weak performing employees and disciplinary action to deal with employee issues. Performance management can be mapped to view employee performance vs potential to identify skills and performance challenges across the organization.

Business Benefits

  • Aligned performance management to business strategy outcomes
  • Transparent performance processes
  • Support a high performance culture
  • Accurate performance reviews
  • Improved rewards and recognition based on performance
  • Integration of performance and potential for talent management
  • Effective management of performance improvement
  • Effective and transparent disciplinary action processes
  • Ability to view contribution at business, department and individual levels


Piilo Talent can deliver talent performance through consulting,  managed services or software solutions. Ask about local country partners to assist your business.

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