Talent Engagement

Business Challenge

Low levels of employee engagement lead to unhappy and disengaged employees with low productivity levels visible in business results. This low level of engagement is also visible in high levels of attrition of top talent as employees seek alternative employment.

Business Solution

Talent engagement focuses on invigorating employee engagement through talent management. By understanding talent requirements at level or job, appropriate employee development can be defined based on employee potential. Increased employee engagement is supported by focused skills development and definition of career options. Employee engagement allows for a better understanding of business strategies and how employees contribute to this.

Business Benefits

  • Use talent management to increase employee engagement
  • Increased employee commitment
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced employee attrition
  • Increased visibility of career options
  • Increased development opportunities


Piilo Talent can deliver talent engagement through consulting services. Ask about local country partners to assist your business.


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