Talent Development

Business Challenge

Business often experience that talent development is ineffective due to the selection of irrelevant or incorrect training interventions in personal development plans. This leads to low ROI on employee development with little contribution to business delivery.

Business Solution

Talent development facilitates individual growth in closing identified gaps between requirements and assessment results. Talent development is supported by a library of development activities and development reporting with training activities and recommended training vendors. This improves the effectiveness of training interventions and training ROI. Training activities can include formal training, on-the-job training; personal development to mention a few. Talent is developed with focused skills plans that are reviewed on a regular frequency with employee and manager feedback.

Business Benefits

  • Aligned training and development initiatives to business strategy
  • Identify most critical areas for development
  • Quantify the individual and collective development gap
  • Link training and development vendors and activities to identified gaps
  • Manage development activities down to level or job
  • Increased ROI on training and development interventions
  • Blended approach to training and development
  • Improved usage of training resources
  • Enable succession planning


Piilo Talent can deliver talent development through consulting,  managed services or software solutions. Ask about local country partners to assist your business.

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