Talent Assessments

Business Challenge

Talent is recruited and managed in business without understanding the requirements of jobs vs employee capabilities. This leads to ineffective talent management as activities to develop talent has no impact on business or employees. Weak talent management leads to attrition of top talent.

Business Solution

Talent assessments provide objective assessments of an individual’s competency potential and attainments against the requirements of the job. Piilo is dedicated to the highest standards in objective workplace assessments on a multi-dimensional basis. To this end we use the Saville Consulting WAVE®

Model as an integrated suite of assessments, which provides sophisticated individual and organizational diagnostics. Our multi-level assessment solutions are specifically designed to identify superior performance in selection, drive individual development, manage talent, identify potential and improve the retention of staff.

Talent assessment can also be used to conduct skills audits across organizations.

Business Benefits

  • Identification of training and development gaps aligned to business strategy
  • Better hiring decisions through spotting talent more accurately
  • Decreasing the risk and costs attached to a bad-hire decisions
  • Identifying and unlocking hidden talent in employees
  • Decreasing costs of training and development by targeting specific areas of development
  • Coaching interventions for management and executive development
  • Integrated application of assessment results for talent management
  • Accurate input to succession planning


Piilo Talent can deliver talent assessments through consulting,  managed services or software solutions. Ask about local country partners to assist your business.

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