Talent Acquisition

Business Challenge

The quality of recruitment is often limited by incomplete job information that leads to the selection and recruitment of weaker candidates that do not fulfill requirements. Ineffective recruitment processes lead to increased recruitment costs, subsequent performance issues and higher attrition rates.

Business Solutions

Talent acquisition is talent-based recruitment that enables the attraction, application and screening of job applicants. The acquisition is aligned to talent requirements based on profiled jobs and is designed to identify and select top talent. Applicants are rank listed against job requirements using an application form, assessments and interview guides.

Talent acquisition can also facilitate high volume screening and selection in a dynamic manner.

Business Benefits

  • Effective screening and selection aligned to business strategies
  • Wider talent search not limited by incomplete job information
  • Apply a scientific objective approach to increase the accuracy in identifying talent
  • Identify applicants with “hidden talent”
  • Reduced cost and turn-around in filling vacancies
  • Increased individual and collective performance
  • Establish internal and external succession pools


Piilo Talent can deliver talent acquisition through consulting,  managed services or software solutions. Ask about local country partners to assist your business.

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