End user support

End user can use the FAQs below to assist them in using Piilo Talent:


How do I log into Piilo Talent?

Select the following link to access the Piilo Talent login screen:



Why don’t I have a username and password?

You will only receive a username and password once your system administrator has set you up on the system.


I forgot my password?

Request your password by selecting the <recover my password> link on the login page: http://portal.piilosoftware.com/login.aspx


Why didn’t I receive my password after requesting it on the “recover my password” page?

Check your spam mail as some email filters will place login emails there.


Why can I not access Piilo Talent?

Ask your system administrator if your profile is active.


Why can I not access a functional module in the system?

Ask your system administrator if you have been given access to the functional module.


Who supports Piilo Talent in my organisation?

Ask your system administrator about the support structure in your organisation.


Where can I find training materials?

Log into the system and select the <training> tab to access materials.

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