Admin support

Administrators can use the following FAQs to support them in using Piilo Talent:


What are the different administrators and their roles?

Piilo Talent has two standard administrator roles:

  • System administrators with setup, read and write rights for the system
  • Functional administrators with setup, read and write rights for a specific functional module


How do I setup the system and functional modules?

Login to the system and select the <admin> tab to setup the portal and functional modules.


When do users get access to the system?

Users will get access to the system once they have been setup and functional modules allocated to them.


Why can users not access  functional modules?

Functional modules need to be setup first and then allocated to users.


When is the system upgraded and maintained?

Piilo will communicate all upgrades and planned maintenance via the Piilo website and emails to system administrators.


Where can I find training materials?

Log into the Piilo Talent system and select the <training> tab to access materials.


Where can administrators request more training?

Administrators can request more training from their implementation partners.

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